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    ASI Hainan is a vertically integrated dairy enterprise invested by ASI Global. It is the leading dairy company in Hainan with a full industry chain of “Feed Plantation - Animal Breeding - Dairy Processing - Marketing & Services ”.
ASI Dairy Farm is the most modernized and largest dairy cow-breeding base in Hainan. It is located near the Crater National Geology Park. The farm has the capacity to maintain 1500 heads herds with anual fresh milk supply of 5000 tons. Hi-technology system is utilized for animal breeding, hygienic control and milk production. Automatic milking system is installed to ensure milk quality and animal health. The Farm is awarded as one of the 50 “National Dairy Cow Cultivation Demonstration Field” by Chinese Dairy Industry Association. Milk produced by the farm is recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture as “The Environmental Harmless Agricultural Product ”.
ASI Dairy processing plant is located in Haikou Xiuying District. It is facilitited with the most advanced equipment from Europe and the high-end pasteurization technology. Main products are pasteurized milk, different types of yogurt, flavored milk drinks and dining milk.
Aiming to creat health resources, ASI Hainan offers high quality “Fresh, Nutritional, Healthy and Safe” dairy products to the republic with strong sense of responsibility, high technology and to-heart services.




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